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CHASE AND I HOVERED OVER a blindingly beautiful meadow before coming down for a soft landing next to Beau and Spike. They were near the edge of a ring of trees that rimmed the grassy area and appeared to be deep in conversation, but they immediately stopped talking to acknowledge our arrival. Chase put me down on my feet and stepped away.

"Hey," said Spike, a cautious smile exposing a hint of teeth. "All better now?"

I dropped my backpack to the ground and cleared my throat, trying to move past the awkwardness that was making my throat close up a little.

"Yeah. Back to the old me." It was like I didn't even know Spike anymore, now that I knew him too well. The flippant answer he'd probably been expecting from me wouldn't come to my lips. All of our casual ease with one another was simply gone as I realized the cute, tattooed guy standing before me could be the one other person on earth besides Tony who truly cared for me, no matter what. That was some powerful shit, and apparently, my body had a mind of its own. Not only could I not come up with the awesome retort I should have, sweat was beading up under my nose and in my armpits.

Great. I'm going to be running around the Overworld with B.O. I reached up casually to wipe my lip off, fake coughing to cover my attempts at trying to get my equilibrium back.

"Good," he said. "I was starting to think our trip was over before it even really started."

"No such luck. You're stuck dragon-hunting with me." And Ben-hunting too, but that's a whole other animal I haven't yet decided how to deal with. I looked over at Beau. "So, are you our escort now or what? You said if I could get us here, you'd help us out."

He nodded once, saying nothing - his usual mode of communication.

"Awesome," said Spike. He rubbed his hands together. "So where to first?" He looked from Beau to Chase and then me.

"I need to either find our friends or a dragon," I said.

"They are not in the same place," said Beau.

I looked over at Chase. "What should we do?"

Chase spoke only to me, Spike not even part of his equation. "I can't be involved in what you do here. I have to go. I'm sorry." His wings opened in preparation for flight again, the expression on his face impossible to read.

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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