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I SWING my sword at my enemy, ramming it into his heart, and letting out a loud cheer as his blood and guts spill on the ground.

“You’re so weird.” Abby rolls her eyes at me, then turns and starts towards her house where the Sullivans are hosting their annual summer barbecue. She calls over her shoulder when she’s halfway up the hill. “Race you.”

“Not fair,” I shout back.

I’m about to chase after her when I hear a woman crying from somewhere behind the large bushes that line the driveway.

“You can’t be here,” a man shouts.

“I need you. Your children need–”

“Shut up.” There’s a sharp slapping sound followed by a cry of pain.

“Keep your voice down.”

My chest tightens as I push my way through the bushes in order to see better. I know I shouldn’t be here. I’m not allowed past the big trees and I’d be in a lot of trouble if my dad found out I was spying on grown-ups. But the woman sounds scared.

“If you don’t leave now, I swear I’ll stop payments completely.” The man has his back to me, but I know his voice. Mr. Sullivan, Abby’s dad. I don’t

like him. He’s always making Abby and her mom cry, and now he’s hurting the lady.

“John, please.” The woman’s belly is big, like she’s going to have a baby.

She reaches out to touch him, but he pushes her away.

I move closer and a couple of the branches snap. Mr. Sullivan looks over his shoulder in my direction, but I don’t think he sees me.

“You need to leave.” He grabs the woman by the arm and pulls her roughly towards an old brown car that looks out of place among the line of black limos.

I look down at my wooden sword. I should do something. Make him stop hurting the lady. That’s what a knight would do. But Mr.

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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