What Ive Done | Chapter 20 of 56 - Part: 1 of 4

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Chapter Thirteen

Morgan reached for the doorbell of Piper Allen’s second-floor apartment door. Gray siding and neat white trim gave the newer complex a crisp, clean appearance.

The young woman who opened the door wore slim jeans and a body-hugging top with the shoulders cut out. Thick gray socks covered her feet. Royal-blue highlights in her jet-black hair made her pale skin and blue eyes pop. Whether she intended it or not, the effect was elfin.

“Piper Allen?” When the young woman nodded, Morgan handed over a business card and introduced herself. “This is my investigator, Lance Kruger. \Thank you for seeing us.”

“Come in.” Piper stepped back and opened the door wider. “I’ll do whatever I can to help Haley.”

They went into a tiny tiled foyer. Piper closed the door and led them back to a living room, which was open to a bright kitchen and eating area. Her modern furnishings looked like the type that came in a flat box to be assembled with a hex key.

“How is Haley?” Piper walked into the kitchen.

Morgan followed her. “She should be home soon.”

Lance crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

“I can’t believe that she killed Noah, no matter what the police say.” Piper stopped in front of a cutting board loaded with onions, carrots, and celery. The rest of the apartment might have been furnished on a budget, but the kitchen appliances were all high-end. “You don’t mind if I continue chopping? I need to keep busy.”

“Chop away.” Morgan waved toward the cutting board. “You and Haley went out together Friday night? Whose idea was it to go to the club?”

Regret troubled Piper’s face, and her fingers trembled. She squeezed them into tight fists and then opened her hands. A little steadier, she picked up a large, fat-bladed knife and began to chop carrots. “It was mine. Haley doesn’t really like clubs. She’d rather stay home and game.”

“She plays video games?” Morgan asked.

“Online games. Haley’s a geek. She likes League of Legends, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.” Piper lifted the cutting board and used the back of the knife to scrape the chopped carrots into a large bowl. “She didn’t want to go out Friday night, but it was my birthday. She did it to make me happy.”

“Have you and Haley been friends long?” Lance’s gaze was fixed on Piper’s knife.

With practiced hands, she worked the blade through a row of celery stalks. “Since I took the job with the bank three years ago.”

“Would you say Haley is your best friend?” Lance asked.

“Yes.” Piper pushed the celery into the bowl and moved an onion to the center of the board.

“How closely do you work together?” Lance frowned as Piper sliced the onion in half in one deft motion.

“We don’t work in the same department.” She turned the cut sides down and chopped the onion into even pieces. “She’s in marketing, and I’m in tech support. But the bank isn’t that big. We see each other during the day.”

“What time did you get to the club Friday night?” Morgan eyed the wooden knife block on the counter. Piper had clearly not purchased her knives at Target.

“Around nine, I think.” Piper transferred the onion to the bowl, turned to the refrigerator, and took out a whole chicken. Despite her mad knife skills, her hands still shook as she removed the packaging and exchanged her fat knife for a skinny-bladed one.

“What are you making?” Morgan’s kitchen skills leaned more toward short-order than fancy fare.

“A chicken roll.” Piper set the knife down on the board. “My mom used to own a restaurant. I’ve been cooking since before I could reach the counter.” She paused for a deep breath. “I have problems with anxiety sometimes. Cooking helps me relax.”

Morgan watched, both impressed and slightly horrified as Piper snapped the chicken wing joints and slid the bones out whole. Piper picked up her knife, chopped off the tips of the wings, and added them to her bone pile. Then, in one stroke, she cut right through the center of the chicken breast.

“Does it work?” Morgan couldn’t take her eyes off the chicken. It was on its back, the breasts and wings splayed out in a position that reminded her of an autopsy.

Piper worked the knife through the shoulders and around the chest cavity, separating the carcass from the skin. She lifted one pale shoulder in a quick shrug. Her voice quivered. “Sometimes. At least I have a nice meal at the end.”


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