Waiting for Willa | Chapter 20 of 30 - Part: 1 of 7

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Chapter Fourteen



Alex is jumping about the living room, Rocky on his heels, barking and dancing, sure that his master is trying to play with him.

It’s chaos.

I don’t hate it.

“Well, go open the door for them, silly.”

I’m in the kitchen, tossing a salad and just as excited as Alex to see Jean and Dan Monroe.

“Hello, darling,” Jean says, folding Alex in her ample arms, holding him close. Jean is a grandma, through and through. Gray hair, a round figure, and the happiest face on the planet. She makes you just want to curl up beside her and listen to her tell stories.

Dan walks right up to me and kisses my cheek. “How are you, sweet girl?”

“I’m great,” I reply with a smile. Dan’s face has more lines than it did when his son passed away, but his hair is still as dark as can be. He’s a big man. Brawny. He looks like he could lift a car off the ground.

He’s also the most gentle man I know.

“I need to hug my girl,” Jean says, holding out her arms for me and hugging me close. “You’re gorgeous as ever.”

“Thank you.”

“Mom, they brought presents,” Alex exclaims in delight. “And it’s not even my birthday anymore.”

“Imagine that.” I narrow my eyes on Jean, but she just smiles innocently.

“It’s my job as a grandmother to spoil my grandchild.” She sniffs and turns to watch Alex tear into his gifts.

“A new video game!” He rushes over to show me. “Look, it’s the one I pointed out to you after Christmas.”

“I see that.”

“Can I play it after dinner?”


The whole room goes quiet. Alex looks down in a pout, and Jean and Dan both frown.

“Why ever not?” Jean asks.

“Alex is being punished for lying, and for manipulating a situation.” Alex’s cheeks turn red. “Part of that punishment is no video games for a week. So, I’ll take this for now and put it with the others, and you can play it when you get your privileges back.”

“Not fair,” he grumbles.

“What did you say?” I ask, annoyed that he thinks he can get away with acting like this because his grandparents are here.

“Thank you,” he says. He’s smart enough to know when he’s on my last nerve.

“Well, I think we’ll hold onto the other gifts until the end of the week,” Dan says sternly and steers Alex into the dining room where the table is set.

I sigh and reach for the hot pot of chili and carry it to the dining room, then return for the cornbread and salad, but Jean has already grabbed them and is following me.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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