Waiting for Willa | Chapter 18 of 30 - Part: 1 of 6

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Chapter Twelve


I’M PRETTY SURE I just swallowed my tongue.

Had a heart attack.



Because, my God, just look at her.

“Are you okay?” Willa asks from inside the door, smiling at me with uncertainty in her brown eyes. “Is this dress not appropriate?”

“It’s appropriate for many things,” I reply, finally finding my voice and following her into the house and closing the door. “Like lying in a heap around your ankles after I rip it off of you.”

“Hey, this was an expensive dress,” she says, scowling at me as if she’s scolding a child.

Which only turns me on more.

The fabric is ice-blue and shiny, falling in thick, floating cascades, shimmering from her chest to the floor. It molds to her breasts but hides the rest of her, flowing as she walks. Sapphires twinkle at her ears and around her wrist as she reaches for a white fur wrap.

I take it from her and slip it around her shoulders, leaning in to press my lips against her neck, just below a sparkling sapphire.

“You’re absolutely stunning,” I whisper against her skin. “You take my fucking breath away.”

“That’s better.” She smiles up at me, then turns to adjust my already straight tie. I think it’s a woman thing to adjust a man’s tie whether it’s straight or not. “You’re handsome yourself.”

“He’s in the bath,” Debbie says as she comes out of Alex’s bathroom. “Oh, hi, Max.”


“My goodness, you two look like you should be in a magazine. Here, Willa, give me your phone, and I’ll take a picture.”

She arranges us in front of the fireplace and snaps a few photos.

“We might be late,” Willa warns her, but Debbie just shakes her head and smiles.

“Take all the time you want. The kiddo will be in bed soon. In fact, stay out all night if you like.”

“Oh, I don’t—” Willa begins, but I cut her off.

“That would be great, if you’re sure.”

Debbie winks at me. “You got it.”

“Ready?” I ask Willa as she grabs her clutch and checks her lipstick in the mirror by the front door.

“Looks like it,” she says with a nod.

“Oh, Max,” Debbie says before I shut the door behind us. “I think that what you’ve done for the hospital is just wonderful. Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” I nod and close the door, then help Willa down the stairs. “Those shoes aren’t really appropriate for snow.”

“I’m not wearing boots under my dress,” she says, holding onto me as she maneuvers her way into the vehicle. “Besides, they’ll look fantastic around your shoulders later.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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