The Sinister Sign Post | Chapter 11 of 27 - Part: 1 of 6

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the Hardy boys had been taken completely by surprise. They struggled valiantly, but were no match for their captors. Their eyes were quickly blindfolded, their arms and legs bound with rope.

"I guess they must have seen that light and it made them curious," growled Pete. "Dump 'em back of the bushes while we finish this job."

Frank and Joe were thrown unceremoniously on the ground beside the road. They could see nothing, but they judged that the men were completing their task of loading the truck. At length they heard Pete say:

"That'll do. Now let's beat it out of here."

"How about those boys?"

"Leave 'em be. We'll be far enough away from here by the time they get loose. Serves 'em right for bein' so nosey."

The roar of the motor drowned out the men's voices, and a moment later the Hardys could hear the vehicle rumbling off down the road.

"A nice mess we got ourselves into!" Joe muttered in disgust as he struggled in his efforts to undo the ropes.

*'We're lucky it isn't worse," said Frank. "If Pete had recognized us we wouldn't have escaped so easily."



"I don't call this being let off easily, bound and blindfolded and thrown on the ground," said Joe.

Frank wriggled around until he was lying with his back to his brother. Then, as he groped about, his fingers found the knots of the rope that tied Joe's wrists. After a few minutes' tugging and pulling he managed to undo one of them. The others came easily, and it was not long before the boy's hands were free. He whipped off the blindfold, hastily untied the ropes from his ankles, and busied himself with freeing Frank,

"We didn't distinguish ourselves that time," the older lad said. "Score one for Mr. Pete. I'd certainly like to know what was in those cases."

"We're not likely to find out now. The best thing we can do is to get home."

"Without petrol?" Frank reminded him.

"I forgot. What shall we do? Walk?"

"Let's go back and see if their launch is still at the beach."

They retraced their steps down the road to the river. The boat in which Pete and his companions had arrived had left by this time, however. Apparently one man had remained to take charge of it while the others accompanied the cargo in the truck.

The Hardy boys made a welcome discovery just the same, in the form of a gallon can almost filled with petrol. Apparently it had been taken out of the launch and overlooked by the men when they had left.

"This is a break, anyway!" declared Frank gleefully, holding up the can. "We won't have to walk home after all."


They lost no time replenishing the fuel supply of the Sleuth, and soon were speeding down the river and out into Barmet Bay. Their sturdy craft pulled swiftly toward the twinkling lights of Bayport. It was half-past two by Frank's watch when they reached the boat-house.

"We'll surely get a lecture if we waken Aunt Gertrude at this hour of the morning!" said Joe. "I hope the door isn't locked. We haven't a house key."

They hurried up High Street, and found their home in total darkness. Quietly the boys stole up onto the veranda and tried the door. It was locked.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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