The Most Dangerous Duke in London | Chapter 33 of 36 - Part: 1 of 3

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Chapter Twenty-Six

The Decadent Dukes sat in their usual chairs in the upstairs chamber at White’s. Adam had just told the others about his nuptial plans.

“We will announce it in a fortnight.”

Brentworth congratulated him graciously.

Langford did too, but with little enthusiasm. He gazed around the chamber. “I suppose this is over now or will be soon. The Decadent Dukes will be no more.”

“Why? I am decadent still, just with one woman.”

“It won’t be the same. There is nothing decadent about being bad with your wife. If we continue, we will have to change our name.” He pondered it. “The Dour Dukes. The Despondent Dukes . . .”

“In time I expect it will be the Domesticated Dukes,” Brentworth teased.

“Take that back. I cannot bear the thought of it.”

Brentworth laughed. “The Dutiful Dukes.”

Langford covered his ears with his hands. “I refuse to hear it.”

“You could continue alone and be the Debauching Duke.”

Langford brightened. “That isn’t so bad.”

Brentworth turned to Adam. “Have you met with her brother yet?”

“This afternoon. He was so happy he almost wept. He believed a duel was inevitable and only a marriage alliance would save him.”

“If he knows half of what you know, he worried for good reason.”

“Clara reports that her grandmother is also elated.”

“I am sure, since she probably knows all that you do,” Langford said.

“So you decided to leave it all as it stood after all,” Brentworth said. “Just as well.”

Yes, just as well. He had faced a devil’s choice. He understood his father better now, and why he had ended it as he had.

“Let us go out,” he said. “It is too fine a night for this chamber. Langford, you can lead the way. We will visit your favorite lairs.”

Langford was on his feet at once. “Follow me, and we will reclaim our name. There is a most interesting party taking place tonight that you will both find a revelation. After that we will visit a new pleasure house that opened near Covent Garden. Stratton, you can remain in the gaming salon if you choose. Unless, until you marry you believe you can visit the more interesting chambers. There is one in which a woman shackles a man and uses a whip and a feather to—”

“It sounds inventive, but I will remain in the salon.”

* * *

Clara climbed out of her carriage at Gifford Hall. As soon as she did, the door opened and Emilia ran to her and embraced her.

“Theo told me. Everyone is so excited and happy. I think Stratton rather frightening still, but if you like him this is wonderful news.”

“I do like him. Very much.” Clara linked her arm through Emilia’s and they walked together. “Perhaps you can visit us, if you like. Should Grandmother ever become a trial.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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