Sword Art Online, Vol. 01: Aincrad | Chapter 21 of 39 - Part: 1 of 5

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Ordinarily, Eugeo would instinctually stop thinking when he felt it. But this time, this one time, as he crumpled to the floor, Eugeo’s mind kept racing.

All the laws and taboos existed to ensure that every resident of the human realm could live in peace and happiness; it had to be so. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not harm. Thou shalt not disobey the Axiom Church. The obedience of the masses was how the world stayed at peace.

But then, why did the many laws only “forbid”? Why create hundreds of pages of rules forbidding this and that, when you could simply write, “All human beings shall respect their fellows, treat them with courtesy, and act with good faith and benevolence”? One simple sentence in the Taboo Index, and these men would never have laid this trap to torture Tiese and Ronie.

Because it was impossible. Even with the absolute authority of the Church, it was impossible for all people to act solely out of goodness. Because…because…

Because all people embody both good and evil.

The Taboo Index was merely suppressing a facet of human evil. That was how Raios and Humbert could easily slip through the loopholes of the law—in fact, to use the law to their advantage—to prey upon the innocent like this. And Eugeo had no ability or right to stop them. At the moment, the law allowed them to do this and forbade Eugeo from preventing it.

The nobles had completely forgotten about him by now, their eyes gleaming with lust and power as they surveyed their helpless victims. They undid the front of their robes, growing closer to performing the final act.

Tiese’s and Ronie’s faces quaked in even greater terror and revulsion as they sensed the men approaching. They shook their heads back and forth in futile resistance, but even that action only added fuel to the predators’ enjoyment.

At last, Ronie gave in and begged, “N-no…no…no…!”

Hearing her friend whimper broke down Tiese’s last bit of bravery. Tears spilled onto her cheeks as she wailed, “Please…help…help, Eugeo! Eugeoooo!”

Tiese and Ronie had summoned all their courage to step up for the sake of their friend Frenica—and the law blessed this hideous treatment of them.

Raios and Humbert had plotted and schemed to ensnare the girls so that they could humiliate them and steal their chastity—and the law did nothing to stop them.

Was it an act of goodness to uphold this law?


With every last ounce of will, Eugeo lifted his leaden body off the ground, stretching his arm across his side to pull the hilt of the Blue Rose Sword. The pain in his right eye had transcended into a lump of burning fire, turning his vision red. He ignored it and squeezed.

Once he drew the sharp steel sword and turned it on the two men, Eugeo would lose everything he’d gained at this school—his fifth-seat position, his enrollment, his dream of being school representative and appearing in the Imperial Battle Tournament.

But if he stood here and watched as they committed these acts, he would lose something even more precious—his pride as a swordsman…and his human heart.

In the woods the other day, Kirito had said there were things that had to be done, even if they were against the law. Things more important than the law, than the Index, than the Axiom Church.

It all made sense now.

He knew why Alice had touched the dirt of the land of darkness all those years ago. She had gone to help the dark knight whose chest the Integrity Knight had pierced. She did that to protect what was precious inside her.

Now it was Eugeo’s time. He couldn’t put what that precious thing was into words—in fact, most of the people in the world might even think of his action as evil.

“But…I have to!” he screamed, the words inaudible. He tried to pull the sword from its sheath.


But it was as though both sword and sheath, and perhaps even his arm itself, had turned to ice. His right arm simply stopped moving. A tremendous jolt of agony shot from his right eye, back to the center of his head. Sparks burst through his bright-red vision. His mind took flight.

…What…is this?

……Actually……it’s like back then.

Eight years ago. In the clearing out in front of the church in Rulid. When he tried to stop the Integrity Knight from taking Alice away.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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