Star Trek #11: Yesterdays Son | Chapter 21 of 29 - Part: 1 of 6

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Chapter XIII


Captain's Log Stardate 7340.37

"We remain on yellow alert, awaiting the arrival of the Romulan fleet, and Federation reinforcements. Within the next twelve hours, I must either protect the time portal against unauthorized use, or destroy Gateway. The only possible solution I can think of involves breaking General Order Nine, but at this point, I have little choice. Kirk out."

The Captain punched the "record" button and slumped into his chair, casting a wistful look at his bunk. Instead, he keyed for another cup of coffee, and opened a channel on the intercom.

"Spock here."

"Have you spoken with Doctor McCoy about what happened in the transporter room when the landing party returned?"

"No, Captain."

"Zar was there. Somehow he knew, without being told, what had happened on the surface—that the landing party had been wiped out. Have you seen him since?"


"He was extremely shaken up by the whole thing. Apparently he was linked in some way to his friends, Cordova and Steinburg, and experienced their deaths. McCoy suggests precognition, or possibly clairvoyance. Any ideas?"

The Vulcan was slow in answering. "No, Captain. The qualities you have mentioned are not unknown among telephaths, but I have never had direct experience with either, except once …"

"I remember. The Intrepid. As I recall, it was painful."

"Yes. You saw him in the transporter room?"

"Yes. He said that the initial shock knocked him out, but by the time he saw us, he was mostly blaming himself because he hadn't warned us in time to save them. Seems that he'd been feeling uneasy for a couple of hours before their deaths."

"Is he in sickbay now?"

"No, that's why I contacted you. I can't locate him, and I want to ask him a few questions about this ability of his. Is it true that he can sense the presence of other life-forms by tuning in on their emotional output? He doesn't have to be in physical contact?"

"Yes, although the life-form must be reasonably high on the evolutionary scale. Lower life-forms, insects for example, experience little emotion that is translatable in sentient terms."

"That's what I thought. Good. Order Mr. Scott to relieve you, and come down to my quarters. Bring Zar with you. Kirk out."

The Vulcan depressed the intercom switch with a slight frown, one that deepened when there was no response from Zar's quad. He tried the gym, the library, the recreation areas. Nothing. Turning command over to the Chief Engineer, he headed for his own quarters, following what Kirk would have termed a hunch, and Spock thought of as logical deduction. . . .

The door opened, the familiarity of his cabin, bunk, chair, microreader, tapes, everything normal. . . . His eyes stopped their scan, focused on a still form lying on the floor of the alcove, half-hidden by the crimson drapery. . . .

For a split second he stood poised, unable to make himself move, then his body took over, walking him without volition to that black-clad shape. As he bent down, fingers curved to grasp the shoulder gently, Zar stirred, grunted and woke.

The Vulcan's voice was harsh with relief. "What are you doing here?"

The younger man was obviously embarrassed. "I couldn't stay in the quad. It was so … empty. So I came here to return the tape on my planet's history, and I decided to view that tape on Vulcan art-forms. After a while I was tired. I didn't expect you back. Aren't you on duty?"

"Yes. Why didn't you use the bunk?"

The gray eyes widened. "It's your bunk, not mine. Besides, I can sleep anywhere."

One eyebrow flicked upward. "Obviously. Get up. The Captain wants to see you. Come on."


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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