Star Trek #11: Yesterdays Son | Chapter 20 of 29 - Part: 1 of 3

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Chapter XII


Over Spock's protests, Kirk led the rescue party himself. When they arrived at the coordinates of the first landing party, they found the area deserted. The rescue party huddled together, feeling the bite of the wind, while McCoy scanned the surroundings.

"No life-form readings—wait—very faint. This way." They began to run.

What was left of the landing party, as well as the archeologists, was strewn outside the wrecked camp building. Kirk clamped his teeth on his lip, and closed his eyes. A moment later, in control again, he joined McCoy, who was stooped over a prone figure.

Doctor Vargas was hardly recognizable. As the Captain approached, McCoy caught his eye and shook his head quickly.

"Can she talk, Bones?"

"I doubt it."

At the sound of their voices, the battered form stirred and opened its eyes. "Kirk …" The voice was so faint that the Captain shoved McCoy out of the way and nearly laid his ear on her mouth. He realized that she couldn't see him, and took her hand.

"I'm here, Doctor Vargas … who was it?"

"… Rom …"

"Can you give her anything to help her talk, Bones?"

McCoy shook his head grimly. "No, Jim. Any stimulants will hasten the end."

"I didn't ask you that! Can you give her anything so she can talk?"

"Cordrazine, or trimethylphenidate, but—"

"Dammit, Bones, give 'em to her! I've got to know if the Romulans found the Guardian!"

McCoy mumbled under his breath, but got out his hypo, and Kirk heard it hiss as he held it against her arm. She opened her eyes, moaned.

"Did they find out the truth, Doctor Vargas?" He shook her slightly. "Do they know the location of the Guardian?"

"No … they had no drugs … crude methods … Torquemada … we fought … too many, too. . . . strong. But we didn't … tell. Stop them. . . ." Her eyes closed, then opened wide, and she lurched under Kirk's hands. He heard her ragged gasps, then her voice again, astonishingly clear. "You must stop them. My Guardian … must not be used for …" The blue eyes closed again, then opened as her head lolled back. The Captain lowered her gently to the ground, as McCoy closed the eyes.

The rescue team was standing behind him when Kirk stood up. Masters, the Chief of Security, spoke up. "We checked, sir. No survivors. Butchers … seven of my people …" He swallowed, then spoke in a more normal tone. "Burial detail, Captain?"

"For sixteen? Ground's too hard. Have stretchers and body bags beamed down. Communications on scramble—tight beam. We don't want to be monitored. We'll have a group service when … when this is all over. Did they all die the same way?"

"Tortured? Yes. Why, Captain?"

Kirk clenched his fists, took a deep breath. "For information they couldn't have given, because they didn't have it. The archeologists are the real heroes. They died rather than tell. Have you searched the building?"

"Yes, sir. Ransacked. It's a good thing they got their records out."

"Yes, it is. I only wish we'd gotten the people out, too. Have you taken care of identification, or does McCoy need to get retinal patterns?"

"I took care of it, sir."

"Very well. Get that equipment down here on the double. If we stick around much longer, we may join them."


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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