Pure Blood | Chapter 28 of 40 - Part: 1 of 4

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Shelby had been moved to a private room on a higher floor of the hospital, one that had been redecorated in this decade. Flowers and balloons filled the place with cloying smells, and I sneezed. She looked up from her magazine and gave me a cautious smile. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

I slid one of the plastic visitor chairs to the side of her bed and straddled it backward. “You can tell me about the Skull of Matthias.”

Shelby shrugged. “I don’t know what that is.”

“Come on, Shelby.” I tapped my fingers on her bedrail, and saw her follow my every move. She was nervous as a virgin bride. “I let you get away with that poor-little-innocent-me crap before, because at the time, you told me what I needed—that your family stole something from the Blackburns. Now I know what, and I need you to tell me the particulars.”

“I don’t know!” Shelby exploded. “Nobody tells me anything, they just expect me to shut up and be a good daughter! You think they trust me? Get real, Luna.”

She had a point, and my bullshit meter wasn’t pinging off the charts like the last conversation we’d had. Besides, I felt sort of sorry for Shelby—we’d had parallel lives, both of them crappy.

“So I take it you have a lead?” she asked me, breathing deeply and getting back under control.

“Yeah,” I said. “But you’re not going to like it.”

“You think someone in my family killed Vincent Blackburn,” she said. I tried not to show I was startled. Poker face, Luna.

“Well… yes. I do. Your family or someone very close to them.”

Shelby moved her bed into the sitting position and regarded me with those cold blue eyes, the same expression I’d seen on Seamus on her. “Then you have an obligation to pursue your lead. But don’t ever ask me to help you convict a member of my own family, Luna. I won’t do it.”

“They’re killers,” I said, getting angry, thinking back to see if I had ever held any such loyalty to my grandmother and my parents. Never had. “How can you protect them?”

“They’re my family,” said Shelby. “They’re my blood. And no offense, but this whole thing is something that you’re not part of, and don’t fully understand.”

“Sure,” I said. “Tell yourself that if it makes things easier to mask.”

“Please go,” said Shelby politely, lifting her magazine again. “I’m tired and in a lot of pain.”

“I’m going to figure out who did this,” I said. “Whether you help me or not.”

Shelby didn’t reply.

I left the hospital in a pissed-off state that was rare even for me. So my partner was no help, and probably hated my guts even more than she had at the beginning of our dysfunctional little alliance. Nobody who knew anything would talk to me. Not only was I an outsider, I hated magick to my core and it probably showed.

Of course, I realized almost immediately that I was being stupid. There was a witch who would help me, if only out of his own desires for vengeance. It would have to be good enough for now.

In my car he appeared to me, a flare of gold in the rearview mirror. I swerved and almost went off the overpass on the Appleby Expressway. “Hex me!”

“What are you running toward, Insoli?”

“Leave me alone!” I shouted at Asmodeus, pulling over and putting on my blinkers.

“The Skull of Mathias is not your provenance, Insoli. You will bring down exactly what you seek to hide from if you go toward it.”

“Cryptic much?” I snapped at him. Where was a good exorcist when you needed one?

“I am drawn to convergences, Insoli, and one is happening as we speak. Dark magick. Magick that kills. You would do well to stay away.”

Before I could shout at him to leave again, a tractor-trailer blew by with its horn blaring. Wind rattled the Fairlane and when I looked back into the rear seat Asmodeus was gone.

“Hex me,” I muttered again as I tried to stop my hands from shaking. The tight sense in my chest, the sense that Asmodeus had been right, eased after a few minutes and I drove on.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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