Meant to Be | Chapter 32 of 37 - Part: 1 of 4

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“Dempsey!” Sid yelled, two inches from Joe’s ear.

“What the—”

“I’ve called your name four times, dickweed. What’s your problem?”

Stupid question when she knew what his problem was. Or, rather, who. Though he’d appreciated Sid not talking about Beth since she’d left the island.

“We need to get this Beth shit out in the open.”

So much for that.

“There is no Beth shit. Hand me those hooks.”

Sid crossed her arms, ignoring the order. “You’ve been walking around like a zombie since she left. Go get her.”

Joe cut the line and reached for the next pole, choosing to remain silent.

“I said go get her.”

He threw the pole across the deck. “You think I don’t want to drive up there and bring her back? You think I haven’t had to stop myself from climbing in the Jeep and saying to hell with it all? It’s not an option.” Turning his back, he added, “I’m taking a break.”

As he walked away, Sid threw a dirty shot. “I never pegged you for a coward.”

Fucking hell. He spun and charged across the deck.

“How am I a coward, Sid? Explain it to me. Because last I knew, playing the coward meant getting out without getting hurt.” Too late for that. “This is a waste of time.”

“She’s hurting, too, you know. You’re both being stubborn about this.”

The temptation to ask overruled his common sense. “You’ve talked to her?”

“Yeah,” Sid said, taking a seat on the side of the boat. “Last night. She quit her job.”


“Cassie tried to get her fired, but the firm wouldn’t do it. Told her she was a valuable asset to the research department. Didn’t matter, though; she’d already made up her mind.” Sid chuckled. “Curly has bigger balls than I gave her credit for.”

“But why?” Beth had been furious the day she’d told him Cassie would get her fired. Near panic over losing her job. Why would she walk away?

Sid shrugged. “Said she realized being a lawyer wasn’t for her. Something about her time with you helping her see that.” She hopped to her feet. “Beth was good for you, and by some bizarre twist, you were good for her. I don’t say a lot of sappy shit, so listen close. This kind of love doesn’t come along every day. Don’t throw it away.”

Joe wasn’t sure what to make of this softer, gentler Sid. Nor did he know what to do with what she’d just said. “I can’t, Sid. I can’t do that to Lucas.”

Sid shook her head and said, more to the air than to him, “Men.” Then she poked him in the chest, the old Sid returning. “This isn’t the playground, Dempsey. You don’t need to protect your baby brother. He’s a grown man, and he screwed up that relationship all by himself. Long before she fell for you.”

Joe rubbed his chest. “What are you talking about? She was going to marry him.”

“I doubt it,” Sid said, crossing her arms. “That night at the bar she was bitching about him never paying attention to her and how he was really married to his work. The fact is, you did them both a favor.”

“Stealing my brother’s fiancée sounds like the opposite of doing him a favor. Would you do something you knew would tear Randy apart?”

She scrunched up her face. “Me stealing a girl from Randy is too weird to think about, so I don’t know how to answer that. I wouldn’t hurt him if I could help it.” She shrugged. “But sometimes you can’t help it. Shit happens, and life gets messy. We’re family. We’d deal with it.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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