Islands of Rage & Hope | Chapter 10 of 41 - Part: 1 of 7

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From: Collected Radio Transmissions of The Fall
University of the South Press 2053

Bella, Bella, Bella, this is the Finally Friday, over.”

Friday, Bella, over,” Olga said in a bored tone.

“Fuel state, three hundred fifty gallons. Water, twenty gallons. Our ROWPU is acting up and the oiler can’t get it fixed so far. Lots of food, lots of booze, not so much on the water and fuel thing. Captain McCartney asked me to add that this is an official ‘we need fuel’ call. Over.”

“Roger,” Olga said. “Will pass that on to the division commander. Bella, out.”

* * *

“Anything new?” Sophia said, coming up on the fly bridge.

Azure and silver. She’d been reading quite a bit and on Walker’s suggestion had dug into Hornblower. Part of her gift from Mr. Lawton had been a slew of e-books and they included all of the Horatio Hornblower series. She now knew what a “cutting out expedition” was supposed to be like. And the description of southern seas was accurate as all hell. Perfect blue, perfect silver, perfect days of peace and quiet and not a damned problem in the world except an almost complete lack of people to save and Olga going slowly stir crazy.

Next up: Aubrey and Maturin. Which Walker said was more historically accurate. That should be interesting.

Friday is low on fuel,” Olga said. “They’re officially declaring they need fuel.”

“How low?” Sophia asked.

“Three hundred and fifty gallons,” Olga said. “I figured it out. That’s about a day’s worth the way we’re going. Assuming they don’t have to make a speed run.”

“LeEllen should have called that in sooner,” Sophia said, frowning. “Okay, I’ll call it in to Flotilla. If needs be we’ll cross-load; we’re nearly topped up.”

* * *

When Olga had gone below, Sophia picked up the radio.

“Flotilla, Division Seven, over.”

“Seven, Flotilla, over.”

“One of our boats is nearly out of fuel. The other two are in good state but it’s been luck of the draw on finding boats with fuel and Friday drew the short straw. We can cross-load but we also are about topped up on supplies and have some passengers. Request permission to do a drop-off and tank run. Over.”

“Roger, Seven, I’ll pass that to the flotilla commander. Anything else, over?”

“Be advised, Friday is one day from dry and also low on water,” Sophia said. “Can cross-load to keep her running, but would like a reply as soon as possible. That’s it. Division out.”

* * *

“Division Seven, Flotilla Commander. Need to speak to your division commander, over.”

“Division Actual, aye,” Sophia replied.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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