Hickory Dickory Death | Chapter 4 of 4 - Part: 1 of 46

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Celia was well liked here. I'd say, myself, it was not a personal matter at all which brought about her end." "What do you mean by'not a personal matter'?" "I do no-t wish to be very precise at the moment. It's only a vague kind of idea I have and I'm not clear about it myself." From that position the Inspector could not budge him.



The last two students to be interviewed were Sally Finch and Elizabeth Johnston. The Inspector took Sally Finch first.



Sally was an attractive girl with a mop of red hair and eyes that were bright and intelligent. After routine enquiries Sally Finch suddenly took the initiative.



"D'you know what I'd like to do, Inspector?



I'd like to tell you just what I think. I personally.



There's something all wrong about this house, something very wrong indeed. I'm sure of that." "You mean because Celia Austin was poisoned?" "No, I mean before that. I've been feeling it for some time. I didn't like the things that were going on here.



I didn't like that rucksack which was slashed about and I didn't like Valerie's scarf being cut to pieces.



I didn't like Black Bess's notes being covered with ink. I was going to get out of here and get out quick. That's what I still mean to do, as soon, that is, as you let us go." Sally nodded her head.



"You mean you're afraid of something, Miss Finch?" "Yes, I'm afraid. There's something or someone here who's pretty ruthless. The whole place isn't-well, how shall I put it?-it isn't what it seems. No, no, Inspector, I don't mean Communists. I can see that just trembling on your lips. It's not Communists I mean. Perhaps it isn't even criminal. I don't know. But I'll bet you anything you like that awful old woman knows about it all." "What old woman? You mean Mrs. Hubbard?" "No. Not Ma Hubbard. She's a dear. I mean old Nicoletis. That old she-wolf." "That's interesting, Miss Finch. Can you be more definite? About Mrs. Nicoletis, I mean." Sally shook her head.



"No. That's just what I can't be. All I can tell you is she gives me the creeps every time I pass her. Something queer is going on here, Inspector." "I wish you could be a little more definite." "So do I. You'll be thinking I'm fanciful.



Well, perhaps I am, but other people feel it comtoo.



Akibombo does. He's scared. I believe Black Bess does, too, but she wouldn't let on. And I think, Inspector, that Celia knew something about it." "Knew something about what?" "That's just it. What? But there were things she said.



Said that last day. About clearing everything up. She had owned up to her part in what was going on, but she sort of hinted that there were other thin,eaeaness she knew about and she wanted to get them cleared up too. I think she knew something, Inspector, about someone.




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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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