Hardy Boys 15: The Sinister Signpost: The Sinister Signpost | Chapter 6 of 26 - Part: 1 of 3

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Danger on Wheels

“Do you see what I see?” Joe Hardy asked his brother.

“It’s a dragster,” Frank replied. “They’re not supposed to be driven on public roads. At least not in this state.”

The Hardys were driving home from Taylorville along Shore Road in their open convertible. It was a sunny summer afternoon. So far, they had encountered almost no traffic. Now Frank was gaining on the slow-moving, bright-orange racing car. In the driver’s seat, situated aft of the car’s massive rear wheels, sat a helmeted, black-jacketed figure.

“He’s sure traveling at low speed,” Joe remarked. “I wonder why.”

Frank, dark-haired and eighteen, stepped on the gas and attempted to pass the other vehicle. The driver of the dragster increased his own speed and prevented the convertible from going by.

“What’s he trying to do? Cause an accident?” Joe said angrily.

Frank was forced to return to his position behind the dragster. As he did, the driver again reduced speed to a snail’s pace.

Blond-haired Joe, who was a year younger and more impetuous than Frank, stood up and cupped his hands over his mouth. “Okay!” he shouted at the other driver. “You’ve had your fun! Now let us by!”

Frank made another attempt to pass. Suddenly the driver of the dragster maneuvered his vehicle in such a way that its left rear wheel slammed up against the right front wheel of the Hardys’ car.

“We’re out of control!” Joe yelled.

Their car swerved violently as a result of the impact. Frank struggled with the steering wheel and managed to regain control. He quickly came to a stop. The boys watched as the dragster sped down the road out of sight.

“I’d like to get my hands on that clown!” Joe said, fuming.

“So would I,” Frank agreed. “But the dragster had no license plates. We’d have a hard time trying to track down the car.”

The boys inspected the damage to their convertible. The right front fender was crumpled and the rim of the wheel badly bent.

“We’d better replace the wheel with our spare,” Frank suggested.

The Hardys jacked up the car. While they worked, a large, open-panel truck approached on the opposite side of the road. As it flashed by, Joe caught a glimpse of a bright-orange dragster in the rear of the vehicle.

“Look!” he exclaimed. “That must be the same race car that rammed us!”

Frank jumped to his feet and peered in the direction his brother was pointing. By now the speeding truck had vanished around a bend in the road.

“Everything happened so fast,” Joe said disappointedly, “I wasn’t able to get the license number of the truck.”

“Too bad,” Frank commented. “It’ll be miles away by the time we finish putting on the spare.”

When the job was completed, the boys continued their journey home. Mrs. Hardy, a slim, graceful woman, greeted them when they arrived.

“I’m so glad you’re back,” she announced. “Your father wants to see you right away.”

The boys sprinted up the stairs to their father’s study on the second floor. Mr. Hardy, a distinguished-looking, middle-aged man, was seated behind his desk.

“Hi, Dad!” Joe greeted him. “Mother said you wanted to see us.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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