Footprints Under the Window | Chapter 23 of 26 - Part: 1 of 4

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A Sinister Meeting




As if hypnotized, the three boys watched the tomb. Slowly its metal door opened wider.

They froze as a tall, shadowy figure emerged and walked in long strides to the edge of the hill. The boys crouched lower. Chet tried to swallow the lump of fear in his throat.

The gaunt figure stood in ghostly silhouette. There was no mistaking the dark-spectacled, hawk-nosed profile.

Manuel Bedoya!

The three boys were dumfounded. Had he actually appeared from the tomb! Or were they seeing things?

“He’s no ghost!” Joe whispered finally.

The spy appeared to be waiting for someone. He glanced frequently at his wrist.

Moonlight painted the cemetery in an eerie, silvery glow. As the boys huddled behind the large gravestone, Joe squinted to make out its inscription. He nudged the others. They gaped at the name beneath the birth and death dates:


“This might be Orrin North’s private family cemetery! Maybe James was his father.”

“And North lets the gang hide out in the tomb!” Frank exclaimed. “That would explain the Oak Hollow sabotage.”

“To keep people from occupying the houses!” Chet added, “until—”

The boys spoke in whispers, keeping an eye on Bedoya. Soon they heard faint voices from beyond the cemetery. The gaunt spy disappeared down the other side of the slope.

“He’s meeting someone!” Frank said.

“Now’s our chance!” Joe urged. “If they go inside the tomb, we’ll never hear anything.”

Chet gulped. “You m-mean we go inside?”


“But—but somebody else may be in there,” Chet objected. “We’d better get the police!”


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im reading this for my classmates
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Awesome book there suspense,mystery,drama,action and everything you can think of even romance the only reason i rate this book 5 stars is because once you start reading it you just will hate to stop reading
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