Footprints Under the Window | Chapter 11 of 26 - Part: 1 of 4

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Waterfront Sleuthing




THE HARDYS stood dumfounded as the tall, expressionless stranger rooted himself firmly in the doorway.

“There must be some mistake—” Frank began. A voice from behind cut him off.

“No, there’s not, boys. Come with us. We’d like to have a word with you.”

They turned to face a distinguished-looking, gray-haired man, the other stranger Joe had seen. The boys started to protest, then saw Scott nod reassuringly. Puzzled, the Hardys followed the two men into an unoccupied file room.

As the taller man closed the door, the other held out a leather identification case. “Roy Dykeman, United States Intelligence.”

Frank and Joe examined the credentials, then handed them back. Dykeman introduced his companion as Mr. Crothers, also of Intelligence.

“I’m sorry to detain you, but something you said to Mr. Scott caught our attention.” Dykeman looked directly at the Hardys. “What do you two know about ‘footprints’?”

“Footprints?” Frank glanced at Joe. “Not much, sir. We heard the word last night, and then we found something at our house later that made us wonder whether there was a connection.”

“Will you give us complete details?” Mr. Crothers asked. “It’s important.”

Frank told the men of their experience with the Dorado stowaway, including his mysterious “footprints” warning. “We didn’t mention this in our statement. We thought it might have to do with a private case of our father, Fenton Hardy.”

“Fenton Hardy?” Mr. Dykeman glanced at Crothers. “Please continue, boys.”

Joe related the theft of Mr. Hardy’s papers.

“We’ve been trying to put two and two together,” Frank explained, “but we haven’t been able to contact Dad. The papers must be important, if somebody wanted to steal them!”

Mr. Dykeman paced the floor. “You were right not to reveal anything that could be detrimental to your father,” he stated.

“Do you know where Dad is?” Joe pressed.

“Not exactly,” the agent replied. “Let me explain. I am here in Bayport to supervise security for a vitally important project.” He paused and smiled. “We owe you two boys a debt of thanks for your alertness yesterday.”

“You mean—at Micro-Eye Industries?” Frank exclaimed.

“That’s right. I know you both can be trusted to keep this matter confidential. Micro-Eye is in danger of espionage by aliens, internally as well as externally. We are counting heavily on your father’s help.”


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im reading this for my classmates
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Awesome book there suspense,mystery,drama,action and everything you can think of even romance the only reason i rate this book 5 stars is because once you start reading it you just will hate to stop reading
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