Death of a Celebrity | Chapter 7 of 18 - Part: 1 of 10

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Tempt not the stars, young man, thou canst not play

With the severity of fate.

—John Ford

When Hamish met Jimmy outside Strathbane Television, the detective said, “Carson’s already in there. They’ve given us a room for the interviews. He says you can sit in on the questioning.”

“Makes a change from Blair.”

“He’s ambitious. He thinks you might have brains. He don’t know you like I do.”

Hamish followed Jimmy into the building and through long corridors and then up two flights of stairs. Jimmy pushed open the door.

Detective Chief Inspector Carson rose to meet them. “Sit yourself over in that corner, Macbeth,” he said. “I just want you to observe.” Then he turned to a policewoman who had been making coffee and said, “Show in our first. Let me see. That will be the managing director, Mr. Bissett.”

Hamish studied the executive as he came in. He looked in his middle forties, dressed in a charcoal-grey business suit, silk tie, and striped shirt. He had a fleshy face and thick lips, small brown eyes, and an open-pored large nose. His brown hair was flecked with grey.

Callum Bissett sat down and said, “Let’s get this over with. I’ve got a lot to do.”

“And so have we,” said Carson. “I have the preliminary pathologist’s report. Miss French died of carbon monoxide poisoning.”

“Poor girl,” said Callum, shaking his head. “She had everything to live for.”

“There is one difficulty,” went on Carson. “She had been struck a blow on the back of the head prior to her death. In our opinion, she could have been stunned and a suicide faked.”

Callum’s face registered shock. “Are you sure? I mean, she might have hit her head on something at home.”

“That might be the answer,” said Carson, “but until we can be sure, we’ll need to go on and ask questions. What were your relations with Miss French?”

“I hardly knew her. I mean, it was Rory MacBain’s idea to bring her up from Edinburgh. Of course, I called her in after the success of the first show to congratulate her and tell her it was going national.”

“Did she ask for more money?”

Callum looked shifty. “Well, let’s say she didn’t have to. I offered.”

Carson’s cold eyes bored into those of the managing director. “Did she have any leverage on you?”

“What are you talking about?” Callum blustered.

“There is a rumour that you were having sexual relations with Miss French.”

“Bollocks! I’m a married man.”

Carson shuffled his notes. Callum took out a handkerchief and mopped his brow.

“Ah, here we are,” said Carson. “Miss French’s flat is opposite an all-night garage. My men are currently studying the videos. The security cameras sweep the forecourt of the garage and also cover the entrance to the building where Miss French had a flat. Do you want to tell us anything now, or do you want to wait until we have viewed all the film on the security cameras? I must warn you, if you are found to have been lying to the police, then we can charge you with obstruction.”

Callum gave a very false, expansive smile. Wouldn’t ever have qualified for a job on the other side of the camera, thought Hamish. “I did visit her at her flat several times,” he said. “I know it looks bad, but I merely went along to discuss business and have a quiet drink.”

“I hope for your sake that is true. Our forensic team is still going over her flat. But I can tell you they found a vase with a dozen red roses and on the florist’s card that came with it is a message. It reads, “To my blonde goddess from your devoted Callum.””


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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