Day Zero | Chapter 25 of 34 - Part: 1 of 4

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The Sun (XIX)

Solomón Heliodoro, Hail the Glorious Illuminator

“Next to me, everything is shadow.”

A.k.a.: El Sol

Powers: Solar embodiment (can emit sunlight from his skin and eyes). Solar manipulation (can burn enemies or strike them with madness and attack with solar winds and flares). Command inducement and sense scrying (can control Bagmen and borrow their senses).

Special Skills: Enhanced charisma, showmanship.

Weapons: Bagmen.

Tableau: A child wrapped in a red pennant is surrounded by sunflowers. Above, the sun blazes down with a menacing face.

Icon: Yellow sun.

Unique Arcana Characteristics: Golden beams radiate from his eyes, and his bronzed skin glows.

Before Flash: Purdue history grad student and part-time rave promoter from Spain.

West Lafayette, Indiana
Day 0

“Is it just me, or is our sex life improving by the minute?” I asked my two partners as I worked to catch my breath.

Beatrice curled up against my side, her panting exhalations cooling my damp skin. “Not just you.”

Joe was sprawled like a starfish, his legs draped over ours. He grunted, “Not just you.”

Bea traced a heart over my chest, giving me goose bumps. “If this continues, where will we end up?”

“Let’s find out, querida.” And we would—because I would never let either of them go. Bea and I had been great together—I’d fallen for her at first sight—but Joe had been the third piece of our puzzle.

Today was the two-year anniversary of our trio, and I expected a hundred more.

She laughed and sat up, stretching her arms over her head—to my delight. I’d been with her since before Joe, three years or so, but even her simplest movements could still stir me.

“I see that look in your eyes.” She raised her brows. “But we have work.”

Joe rose up on his elbows. “The Spaniard wants another round? Jesus, he’ll kill us before it’s all over.”

“That so, cariño?” I lunged for him, wrestling him till he was begging for mercy.

Bea slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, saying over her shoulder, “We’re going to be late. It’s like I keep saying: something will—”

“—always go sideways,” Joe and I finished in unison.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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