Darkness Awakened | Chapter 9 of 43 - Part: 1 of 3

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Chapter Six


Grace stared at Quinn, her eyes wide, then broke into a smile and started to laugh. “Oh, God. Just when I thought my life was already a mess...” She wiped the tears from her eyes. “Laugh or cry, Quinn. Sometimes you just have to laugh because you’ll never stop crying if you start.” She cocked her head to look at him, a stubborn twinkle in her eye. “You know, you’re hot and you’ve got that badass manly man thing going and I’m crazily attracted to you, but honestly, I suspect you’re going to be a little too bossy for my tastes. Thanks for the offer on the whole love-me-die-for-me thing, but I’ll pass.”

“A manly man?” He was stunned by her reaction. “Did you not understand what I just told you? This is—”

She sat up and covered his mouth with her hand. “Don’t even start, Quinn. I’m not a Calydon, and I don’t have to believe your myths. I’m not going to die just because I have the hots for you. I might die because I accidentally kill myself, but that’s totally different.” She leaned close, amusement still crinkling her eyes. “You don’t get to cause my death simply by being near me, so don’t even suggest it.” But her eyes were wary, and he knew she wasn’t dismissing it as easily as she was pretending. He’d give her time to process before pushing it further.

But hell, just having her hand on his lips made him want to run his tongue over her palm and down her wrist, licking his way to her elbow... He grabbed her wrist, setting her hand back in her own lap. “Not a good idea to touch me like that.”

She flushed. “Yeah, I was sort of hoping you’d suck my finger into your mouth and start doing magical things with your tongue.”

Heat rushed through him and he glared at her. “Stop.”

“Trying. Not so easy when all I can think about is—”

“I got it, okay?” He didn’t need a reminder of all the thoughts and needs he was having every time he looked at her. They didn’t have time for all this crap anyway. They both had people to save. “You feeling better now? Ready to move on?” Ignoring the fact that he still felt like he’d just risen from the grave—oh, wait, he had!— Quinn rose to his feet and grabbed his pack off the ground. “I have a truck stashed at the end of the tunnel. It’s stocked with everything we need. All we have to do is get there.”

He held out his hand to pull her to her feet, and she put her hand in his without hesitation, showing trust that made him feel too damn pleased. He tugged her up, and then dropped her hand before he could succumb to the urge to pull her closer against him. Her gaze lingered on his face for a minute, then she turned away, picked up her own pack and slung it over her shoulders.

He handed her the flashlight, and fell in behind her as she made her way over the rocky terrain. Her feet squished in a pile of wet clay sitting on top of one of the rocks, mud that had clearly fallen from the roof of the tunnel.


“Yeah?” He eyed the ceiling, not liking the amount of moisture leaking through. He reached up and pressed his palm into the mud, frowning when his hand disappeared up to his wrist. A chunk of the clay fell to the ground when he pulled his hand back, and the other clay shifted, oozing into place where the clump had fallen out. Shit. Quinn peered ahead, using his preternaturally enhanced vision to inspect the tunnel. More mud on the ground, and chunks of the ceiling were sliding down the sides of the tunnel.

“If I were your sheva...would we be able to stop our destiny from coming true?”

Wasn’t that a loaded question? He glanced briefly at Grace, but she hadn’t turned back to look at him. All he could see was the sway of her muddy ponytail as she worked her way over the uneven terrain.

He was tempted to tell her the truth, that his life mission was to prove that destiny could be thwarted, but he was already having enough trouble getting her to take the damn thing seriously. “I’ve never heard of anyone managing to do it, not once they bond.” But he’d tried to find that exception. He’d tried like hell, over and over again, to prove that a Calydon gone rogue over a sheva could be brought back. To prove that his uncle should not have died. To make good on his uncle’s last request before Quinn had shoved his sword through his heart.

So far, Quinn had a one hundred percent failure rate. The grim reality was beginning to settle on him, that maybe he’d been chasing his damn tail all this time. He and Grace could not afford to be the final test of his theory. Not when so much was at stake for both of them.

Grace glanced back at him, and promptly tripped on a rock. He jumped forward and caught her before she fell, and heat leapt between them as her breast brushed against his chest. She immediately twisted out of his grip and set her hands on her hips, but the flush in her cheeks told him that she’d reacted to his brief touch as much as he had.

“Listen, Quinn,” she said. “I know you really buy into this destiny thing because it’s your world and your lore, but I’m not going to go down in flames because of Calydon mumbo jumbo. I’m just not.” Her voice cracked and she spun away and started walking down the tunnel again, her boots making a sucking sound as she stomped through the mud.

He stared after her, a slow grin rising on his face. Hot damn. She really thought the sheva destiny was crap. If there was a woman he could have picked to get bonded with, it was a woman who refused to accept it, a woman who would fight their fate every step of the way. Of course, others had tried. Shit, he’d seen Calydons and their women bleed their hearts dry trying to stop the hell coming for them, and no one had made it. Not a damn one.

“I have things to do, dammit,” she muttered as she yanked her foot out of a deep pocket of mud. “I don’t have time for this shit. Destiny my ass.”

Hell. Even her swearing made him hot. He started walking behind her, his amusement fading. No matter how resistant they both were to their destiny, neither of them had time to deal with it. Not right now. Not with the lives of so many people at stake.

He had time only to go after Elijah, not to throw Grace down, rip her clothes off, and cement their bond until they were both too exhausted to move…though hell, he liked that idea. Too damn much, actually. He grimly watched the tempting sway of her hips as she slogged across the wet ground. “Trust me, I have no interest in falling in love with you either, but if you don’t stop swearing, I’m going to tackle you and take you right here in the mud.”

She looked back at him and made a locking gesture across those decadent lips of hers. Not a word more, was her unspoken promise.

Not that he’d take her rejection of his offer personally, or anything, but damn. His sheva could resist him? He must not be as much of a stud as he’d always assumed he was.

Unfortunately, the fact that she’d shut him out so easily didn’t help his own urges much.

A clump of mud dropped in front of him, landing with a squelch. He eyed the oozing ceiling with a growing foreboding that did wonders to curb his lust.

Turned out, the fact he was taking his sheva deep into a collapsing tunnel was exactly the buzzkill he needed. See? He had everything totally under control.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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