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Chapter Thirty-Four


The mud was cool, soothing Ana’s battered body. She was too tired to keep her eyes open, so she let them close, allowing the rain to wash over her face. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to turn her head, so she stayed immobile, waiting for the sound of Nate’s footsteps returning.

She thought about her illusion.

Her darkest illusion had been called forth, and it had been the moment of Elijah’s death. Elijah ‘s death was her biggest haunting. He’d tried to help her, and then he’d died because of it. Because of her. She groaned softly, knowing that even the men who’d died tonight wouldn’t torment her the way Elijah’s death would.

And Lily. She’d failed Lily—

She heard the sounds of feet sloshing through the mud, and she tried to shrink into the muck so Nate wouldn’t find her. So his Calydons wouldn’t see her.


Her eyes cracked open and she saw Frank squatting next to her. He was breathing hard, and sweat was dripping down his temples. He had an unconscious man slung over his shoulder. A young man, really.

Frank wavered in and out of focus as she tried to make sense of what he was doing there, but her mind was too fried to think.

“Nate’s other knife,” he said quickly. “Do you have it?”

Her head hurt. “His knife?” she echoed. Did she? She thought maybe she did, but she couldn’t remember. She frowned and tried to think, but it was too hard. Couldn’t concentrate.

“Ana! Focus! Where’s the knife?”

“Don’t know—”

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand up out of the mud. “Empty.” He tugged her other one up. “Where’s the damn knife, Ana?” He reached for her shirt, and she tensed, suddenly remembering that was where the knife was. At the same moment, she realized with sudden, instinctive certainty that she couldn’t let him have it.

But she knew it was too late.

* * *


Quinn bolted up the small hill, Gideon and Ian hot on his heels as they burst out of the woods and sprinted into a small clearing. A man was bent over the mud-caked body of a young woman, and he had Drew slung over his shoulder.

The man leapt to his feet at Quinn’s approach and took off instantly, disappearing into the trees in a split second. Quinn bolted across the clearing, saw the flash of movement in the woods up ahead and hurled one of his swords as his feet splashed through the mud.

His sword cut through the forest as Quinn reached the girl, and he heard the blade thunk into a tree. Ian sprinted past him in pursuit and Kane and Ryland came in from the other side after him. Quinn straddled Ana and held up his sword while he called the other one back.

Gideon set up behind him, and so did Ian until they were back to back to back, Ana between them, facing the woods, weapons out.

Ready for the bastard to claim his prize. Quinn could hear the heavy breathing, but it sounded like it was all around him. “Can you pinpoint his location?”

“No.” Gideon said. “I can’t get a read on him.”

Quinn ground his jaw. “Hold your fire. I don’t want us throwing our weapons at air and have him come at us while we’re unarmed.”

There was a crash and Kane burst out of the woods, weapons up. “Did you get him?”


Kane cursed. “The trail ended at the edge of the clearing. We lost him.”

“He’s around here. I can hear him. Find him.”

Kane nodded and disappeared back in the woods, Gideon held his position while Quinn knelt to check on Ana. She had a pulse. Grace. She’s alive. We have her. He smiled at Grace’s sob of joy, then he gently lifted Ana onto his lap. Her hair was black like Grace’s, matted with mud and sticks. Her thigh was drenched with blood, and her ankle was limp and twisted. What a bastard. Quinn gently brushed her muddy hair off her face. “Ana,” he said softly. “It’s okay. Nate’s dead.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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