Darkness Awakened | Chapter 13 of 43 - Part: 1 of 5

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Chapter Ten


Quinn was prepared when all eyes went to them as he and Grace stepped into the bar. There were about twenty-five people inside, mostly men, all of them wearing jeans, with grizzled faces and ragged hair. These were men who knew how to defend their territory and didn’t like to share.

Quinn took Grace’s elbow, grimly realizing he shouldn’t have brought her inside with him. He needed to be focusing on looking for information about Elijah’s death instead of worrying about keeping these men off her.

He glanced at her, and then raised his brows at the transformation.

She had her hands on her hips, her chin raised, and she was staring down every man in the bar. Her body language made it clear she was to be untouched, and the fire in her eyes said she’d kick the ass of anyone who disregarded her warning. With her dark hair tossed around her slim shoulders, and her silver eyes challenging anyone who looked too long at her, she looked like a siren ready to lure every man to his death.

Damn, woman. You’re hotter than the fire that nearly took me down today. Toss some of that attitude over here, and you’ll be in the backseat of my truck before you can take another breath. He was kidding, but not. He liked what he saw, and he wanted it. Now. All of it. You’re making me crazy, woman.

Grace didn’t look at him, but he saw the corner of her mouth twitch in response. Yeah, she was down with him. He was the only one who was going to get through those shields, and he liked it that way.

Quinn grinned, watching the testosterone junkies in the room gradually wither away under Grace’s stare. One by one, the men stopped gawking at her, returning to their drinks, their game of darts or their game of pool or just pretending to suddenly find something interesting written on the table, daring only to sneak a well-disguised peek at the five-foot-two brunette who’d just taken over the joint.

Someone muttered the word “bitch,” but before Quinn could whip out his sword and cut off the bastard’s tongue, Grace grinned, looking very pleased, as if that kind of remark was exactly what she’d wanted to hear. Quinn frowned, studying his woman as she took a seat at the bar, next to a guy who looked about eighteen, pounding back a beer.

Quinn squeezed in between her and the kid, so his hip was against Grace’s thigh. He leaned on one elbow so he could keep an eye on the room and still make it clear he was with her. “Where did you learn to put on that kind of attitude?” He kept his voice quiet so they wouldn’t be easily overheard.

“Foster care.”

He shot a sharp glance. “You were a foster kid?”

“For a little while. Not long, actually.” She closed her mouth and turned her head away from him, clearly indicating the discussion was over. She bit her lower lip, as if regretting the slip.

The bartender leaned on the wood, the bill of his faded Yankees cap covered in something dark. Grease? Or blood? “Where you from?” It wasn’t a casual question. It was the suspicious interrogation of outsiders.

Quinn answered for both of them. “The mountains. Up north about three hours.”

The bartender looked at Grace. “You, too?”

She smiled at him, a radiant expression that made both Quinn and the bartender blink. You’re beautiful.

Stop distracting me. I have an image to maintain here. Her cheeks flushed, and she shot Quinn a quick glare before returning her focus to the bartender. “I’m from nowhere. And everywhere.” She nodded at Quinn. “For the moment, I’m where he is.”

The bartender ignored Quinn, practically drowning in Grace’s glow. “You get bored fast?”

Grace gave him a speculative look that made Quinn slide his arm around her waist and haul her across the bar stool, so her bent knees were on either side of his hips. Mine.

She raised an eyebrow at Quinn, but clearly realized the futility of trying to escape his grasp. “I’m not bored,” she told the bartender, “but if I am, I’ll let you know.”

“You do that.” The bartender thudded two beers in front of them before he wandered off, his gaze lingering on Grace until he saw Quinn’s hostile scowl, and then he quickly turned away.

Quinn eyed Grace as she took a drink of her beer, a pleased smiled curving her lips. “You will not be getting bored of me, and if you did, you would not be letting him know.”

She cocked her head at him, playfulness sparkling in those silver eyes of hers. “You’re jealous.”

“I’ve never been jealous in my life.” He took a long drink of his beer, not liking the darkness rolling through him.

“You are now.” She sounded entirely satisfied with that discovery, and she leaned over, pursing her lips inches from his. “You’ve never cared enough to be jealous, have you? Until you got me.”

All right. That was it. A man could take only so much teasing when other men were checking out his woman. “Enough.” He clasped the back of her neck. “You’re messing with fire, Grace. It’s dangerous.”

Her eyes widened, and her lips softened in subconscious invitation.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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